Can we live in the house after Casa La Bella stages?

Of course, it is our goal to make the spaces not only beautiful, but liveable! We will even give you pointers on prepping your home for showings!

Can I be at home while your team stages?

Staging is a very creative process and we find we are more productive when the homeowner is not present. It also makes for an exciting reveal when we are finished! With that being said, it is completely up to the homeowner and their comfort level.

How long does it take to stage?

It truly depends on the scale of the project. Typically we are able to complete the staging process in 2-3 days.

How expensive is staging?

There are two components to the staging fee. The first is the actual staging, which is a one time expense. The second is furniture and accessory rental (if needed). The rental is on a monthly basis with a two month minimum. A general rule is .5 to 1.0% of the homes value. It is also important to note that this is significantly less than a price adjustment!

What happens once I get an offer?

First things first, celebrate! Then communicate inspection and closing dates to us. We will schedule pick up as soon as all of your contingencies are removed.  

Do I have to do everything on the staging proposal or can I pick and choose?

Your personal proposal will include all the things that we believe will maximize your selling price and minimize days on the market. We understand that every client is different and may only want to address some of the recommendations. In that case we will work with you to modify the proposal to meet your specific needs and budget

Are my pets allowed in the house once it is staged?

Yes! We all love our four legged friends and don’t want to add any undue stress to them either.

What if the buyers want to purchase some of the items in the staging?

Wonderful! We want to make sure your deal goes through and everyone is happy. We will gladly sell almost any item in our inventory...and if we can’t we will try our best to provide a way source it!